Aaron Racicot
... a technical life history                

Head on over to Github to checkout what fun projects I am working on… but here are some of the fun ones:

bboxfinder.com - A fun project fully hosted on gh-pages that attempts to solve the simple problem of needing to know the bounding box of simple shapes in any projection.

projfinder.com - A hack project to help users with x,y data in an unknown projection to determine the projection of that data by them providing a “location” hint… but centering the map where they “think” the data is located. The tool uses PostGIS to itterate through known projections and calculating distances from map center to determine the most likely projection.

dropchop.io - A cugos hack project. Have provided geometry export functionality as well as general help through development (i.e. build system etc).

cugos.org - Created the initial Jekyll website that is used to manage the cugos organization online presence.

mapfart.com - Fun tool used to show the power of simple command line tools (CLI) and simple web interfaces (APIs). Users can send geo data to the mapfart service and get web based maps. Useful when working on a headless system (i.e. terminal only) but you need to verify data.

qgisworkshop.org - Popular QGIS workshop on plugin development that was given at a previous FOSS4G conference.

revealz - A simple implementation of the RevealJS framework, but pre-setup to be based on a single markdown file for ease of use. Most of my presentations are based on this framework and archived on Github (gh-pages).